XLbroadcaster add-in for Excel
is the most flexible solution to access APIs
and external programming languages

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Efficient connection to APIs
directly to/from Excel

Our native-like Excel functions allow you to import data from REST APIs without writing any VBA script.
Just use our functions xlbc_get() or xlbc_post() and the data will be send to your spreadsheet.

For the other way around, upload data from Excel to any REST API and its associated data warehouse.
We also provide a WebSocket function for real-time push.

Augment Excel-based models
and improve DevOps business logic

Excel is great for its flexibility and the power it gives to desktop users but it lacks computing power.
Fill this gap moving computationally intensive functions to a more efficient language (Python, R, Rust, C++...).
XLbroadcaster will send parameters and format results to directly in Excel spreadsheets.

Any change in your functions will be instantly accessible to all. Open your code to every “Excel basic user” and forget about deployment headaches.

Share confidential data from your Excel file
to someone else’s Excel file

Share confidential data in the most secured and efficient way from your Excel spreadsheet to any API or directly to another Excel spreadsheet.

Leverage on our API via Databroadcaster to create an Excel Data transfert capacity with End-to-End Encrytion.

Take back the control over your data while sticking to your classic Excel front-end to store and manage sensitive data.


"Our users used to rely on functions located in custom C++ Excel addins. Version control and deployment was a real headache.
We changed our architecture and gradually rewrote all functions in modern Python. XLbroadcaster allows our users to access these API
and inserts data in spreadsheets very efficiently. Today our system is more robust, and simpler to maintain. New features are available to all instantly."
Eric, senior dev, asset management firm.

Unleash computing power
With XLbroadcaster you can bypass Excel's limitation and use the best programming language for each given problem.
Easy to use
XLbroadcaster allows to leverage on installed Excel userbase, a tool already mastered by millions of people.
Features are directly available through Excel functions.
All communications are encrpyted, should you use databroadcaster.io SaaS platform or Xlbroadcaster plugin.
Only authorized users can access your data.
Painless installation
XLBroadcaster install is a matter of seconds, enabling it to all your Excel files once for all. No more versioning issues or deployment headaches.
Pricing and trial period
Our objective was to allow our client to amortize XLbroadcaster subscription at the moment they start using it!
And you can still test it before on a 30 days trial period!
Forget VBA scripts!
XLbroadcaster allows you to build fast and rock-solid functions in your preferred language/system, then access it smoothly from Excel.


User subscriptions and licenses managements are outsourced to apifew.com
You do not need to enroll as apifew.com user during the trial period.

Non-commercial license
9 EUR/year
For individuals.
Personnal and non-commercial use only.
7 days trial period without credit card
Then 9 EUR yearly paid.
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Monthly subscription
10 EUR/month
30 days trial period without credit card
Then 10 EUR monthly paid.
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Yearly subscription
99 EUR/year
30 days trial period without credit card
Then 99 EUR yearly paid.
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